“I have no ambition in this world but one, and that is to be a firefighter The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know the work which the firefighter has to do believe that his is a noble calling."

-Chief Edward F. Croker FDNY circa 1910

2nd Annual NYC Firefighter Stair Climb 2016

2nd Annual NYC Firefighter Stair Climb 2016

Sunday March 13, 2016, the 2nd Annual NYC Firefighters Stair Climb was held at 4 World Trade Center. This is an event ran by firefighters for firefighters. The goal: to follow in the foot steps of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01. And, at every turn of the corner during this event, it was a constant reminder. 'Monumental Pride' Engine 76/Tower Ladder 22 really went above and beyond running this event. Pictures lined the stair case, family pictures of our lost brothers. If that wasn't motivation enough, when you reached the top, profile pictures displayed on the windows with the new World Trade Center in the background.

343 New York City Fire Department members reached the stairs on 9/11, in attempt to save as many lives as possible, 343 never made it out. In addition, retired Captain James Corrigan L-10, retired Firefighters Philip Hayes E-217 & William Wren L-166 all worked as Fire Safety Directors for the World Trade Center, had lost their lives. Most notable of their actions that day, was when they breached a wall of the 1st floor day care to evacuate the children because the exits were blocked by other evacuating civilians. Keith Roma of the New York Fire Patrol also lost his life responding that day.

A moment of silence was held at the Memorial Pool, followed by a group picture, then the climb. The event was extremely organized with the help of numerous volunteers at the sign up desk, on various floors handing out water and ofcourse at the top to help the arriving members doff their gear and cool down.

NYC Fire Wire staff were there photographing the event.

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City Hall, FDNY in talks over Ambulances

The Fire Department is in talks with City Hall over the best way to provide reliable ambulance service in the wake of the sudden shutdown of the private ambulance company TransCare last month, according to Fire Department Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

TransCare was one of the private companies — besides the FDNY EMS — that sends ambulances to 911 emergency medical calls and serviced seven hospitals in Manhattan and the Bronx until it filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations.

“Twenty-seven ambulances were lost overnight when TransCare went out of business,” Nigro said at a City Council budget hearing on Thursday. He added, “That’s a dangerous situation, that so many ambulances were provided by one company that was obviously on shaky financial ground.”

Since the shutdown, the city has been using a mix of fire department overtime, volunteer and private hospital ambulances to cover the vacated shifts. TransCare’s shuttering translated into a ten percent cut in ambulance tours citywide.

The de Blasio administration has increased the budget for FDNY EMS in the past two years, adding 45 new ambulance tours and funding new EMS pilot programs. But TransCare’s shutdown eliminated 81 tours in just a matter of days.

The city’s reliance on private ambulance companies prompted Councilmember Rory Lancman to ask, “whether or not the department should be relying on these private operators?” He continued, “[or whether] the department should take responsibility for what it does better than any other department or private organization in the world and that is respond to these [emergency medical] calls?”

Nigro said those “exact discussions” are going on between the FDNY and City Hall right now.

Council scrutiny over the use of private ambulance companies as part of the city’s overall emergency medical response comes as both FDNY officials and Council members shared concerns over an uptick in response times to fires and medical emergencies.

Nigro said one cause for the increased response time was a surge in the number of emergencies the FDNY responded to last year. He testified that 2015 was the busiest year in the fire department’s 150 year history. Fire units responded to nearly 600,000 fire and medical emergencies, a 12 percent increase over the previous year. EMS units responded to more than 1.4 million calls, a 6 percent increase over 2014.

He also pointed to an ongoing lag in processing time for 911 calls, an issue the de Blasio administration committed to studying nearly two years ago.

In May 2014, Director of Operations Mindy Tarlow said the city would conduct a pilot to determine if it was more efficient for 911 call takers to ask “what” the emergency was or “where” the emergency was happening. That pilot has never happened.

Nigro said he believes that change will reduce response times and he’s optimistic that a permanent change will take place soon. He said in lieu of a pilot, the mayor’s office conducted “exhaustive research.”

“It took us a long time to get to this point so I don’t see anything standing in our way now,” said Nigro.

Asked if the delay was frustrating, Nigro replied, “I think one can’t be in government and be easily frustrated. I’m not. I’m optimistic.”

Report by WNYC.org

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Report of Brooklyn building partial collapse a false alarm, FDNY spokesman says

A report that a building had partially collapsed in Brooklyn has turned into a false alarm.

A fire department spokesman now says there was no partial collapse. He says firefighters had initially responded to report of a partial collapse at a building under construction on Myrtle Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant just after 8 p.m. Thursday.

Police say they are investigating the incident as a possible false report.He says firefighters removed a person at the scene who claimed he was a victim of the partial collapse. He says that person was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Report by Newsday March 11, 2016

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Woman Graduates Fire Academy For ONE Reason, Puts Everyone In Danger

Woman Graduates Fire Academy For ONE Reason, Puts Everyone In Danger

Female FDNY Recruit Graduates Fire Academy, But Something Major Missing

This year, the New York Fire Department finally graduated one of its female recruits after quite some time of her trying, but there’s something major missing from the whole ordeal that’s raising eyebrows across the country.

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