“I have no ambition in this world but one, and that is to be a firefighter The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know the work which the firefighter has to do believe that his is a noble calling."

-Chief Edward F. Croker FDNY circa 1910

Hunter EMS Accident

Hunter EMS Accident

This afternoon, an ambulance from a private company, Hunter, was involved in a fatal accident on the Southern State Pkwy in the Lakeview Fire District of Nassau County, Long Island, NY. The members of Lakeview FD and Nassau County Police ESU worked hard to extricate and treat the heavily pinned driver, crew and patient. Unfortunately, local media is reporting the driver of the ambulance has passed due to traumatic injuries as well as the patient on board. The latest word on the street is that the technician that rode in the back with the patient has thus far survived the accident suffering traumatic injuries to his lower extremities. This luck is credited to his use of the safety restraints. This is a lesson to all of us, fire truck or ambulance. I will be the 1st to admit that I don't like to use the seatbelts when tech'ing, I feel I have to be able to move about for equipment, but we may never know what exactly caused the ambulance to veer off the road and into the overpass, but all it takes is 1 thing, another driver not paying attention, mechanical malfunction, and it will happen with out warning.

NYC Fire Wire extends our condolences to Hunter EMS and all of their employees suffering the lost of their co-worker. It is a sad, terrible day in the EMS world. We share the pictures of the accident scene in hopes it will open your eyes as it did to ours of the importance of using your seatbelts while riding a vehicle in motion, even if it's a fire truck/engine or ambulance.

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NYC Sweet Spot: Arthur Avenue

NYC Sweet Spot: Arthur Avenue

Everyone stops by a firehouse for information. Working in Times Square, I feel as if we double up as tour guides. Questions range from fire/safety related, directions, of course everyone wants to know about 9/11, and, who better to ask about food then those that work in the neighborhood. Being a NYC born and ran page, NYC Fire Wire decided to profile some of our "Sweet Spots" around the City, so when you come to NYC, you can see the real City outside of the bilboards in Times Square.

We will be starting this segment up in the Bronx; Arthur Ave known as Little Italy. Even Google Maps streetview of Arthur Ave & East 187 Street has Ladder 38 parked on the corner, probably shopping for their delishious meal. Our 1st stop in the Belmont neighborhood is Borgatti's at 632 East 187 Street across from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Borgatti's has been in the neighborhood since 1935 and their reputation is 100% accurate... simply amazing. My 1st visit there was after a Saturday night tour, Sunday morning the traffic is light around 9am, I'd shoot up there and pick up some fresh pasta or a box of their amazing ravioli's to bring home to the family. But, the store isn't empty at 9am, as a matter of fact, it is not uncommon to find a line out the door, especially on the holidays. When you reach the front of the line, ask for a pound or how ever much pasta you need and they will give you a card with sizes. Choose the one that you want and right in front of you, they slide the sheet through the appropriate press, and wrap your finished product. Just remember when you get home, it's fresh pasta not boxed. Don't over cook it! And, of course, the ravioli's.... the item I get most from them. You really haven't had good ravioli's unless you had them fresh.

Next stop for the pasta meal is cheese. Casa Della Mozzarella! Another 187 Street store that has a line on to the sidewalk. Located at 604 East 187 Street corner of Arthur Avenue, this shop has some nice balls. Large, salted mozzarella balls made fresh throughout the day, it comes out warm and just melts in your mouth. I always buy more than I plan to use in the meal, you have to have extra to snack on, it brings everyone up to the level of delishiousness this meal will be at. Buy some parmeasan cheese as well, they will cut it off the block in front of you and grate it.

Ok, you have the pasta and cheese, next is some meat. Make your way down Arthur Avenue to Calabria Pork Store at 2338 Arthur Avenue. Dried sausages and soppressata hanging above your head as you walk in; you immediately realize it's going to be one of those stores that your going to want a little of everything. Perhaps you should have brought that credit card or took a loan out before you came to the Bronx!

And of course, you need something to soak the sauce up. A few stores away from Calabria is Madonia Bakery at 2348 Arthur Ave. A bakery that has been on that street since 1918! So much soft chewy bread and cookies to choose from, no matter what you get you can never go wrong.

When your up in the Little Italy of the Bronx, just walking down the street you can feel the history it has. A tight neighborhood that preserves it's history. Walk into Borgatti's and talk to Chris or some of the other shop owners. They are more than happy to share their stories of the neighborhood in the old days, and you will see the deep rooted tradition. If you're a tourist visiting NYC, you're obviously not cooking in your hotel room. There are plenty of great restaurants in the Belmont neighborhood. Make it a day trip, visit the Bronx Zoo which is right next door then do dinner on Arthur Ave. Make sure you stop by Engine 88/Ladder 38 at 2225 Belmont Avenue and grab a t-shirt from the firehouse that served that neighborhood for over 100 years. We promise you, your belly won't regret this trip.

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And the Tradition Continues....

And the Tradition Continues....

On Thursday, the #FDNY promoted Captains to Battalion Chiefs at a ceremony at the FDNY Training Academy on Randalls Island known as 'The Rock'. One of the promotions was Chris Eysser, TL-120. Chris is following his father, George Eysser's footsteps in the FDNY. George passed away June 13, 2015 from 9/11 related illness, before that he was a part of the FDNY for 40 years. Chris's uncle, Herb Eysser was a long time Manhattan Dispatcher 124.

Chris Eysser's FDNY career began in 1995, when he went into the academy. His rotations included 'The Nut House' TL-111, then over to the Border Patrol E-304 for a year, then a year with El's Angels E-294 before he returned home to The Nut House TL-111. Chris was very into the job and the books, in 2003 he was promoted from 111 to Lieutenant. After a year of bouncing, he found his spot at The Tonka Truck TL-124. In 2010, Chris was promoted to Captain, and after 3 years, he made TL-120 his new home. Watkins Street E-231/TL-120/Bn-44 is a house with a lot of tradition. 120 is a very busy truck in both running and fire duty. They also pride their tradition of being a family company: 16 men set a footprint in the firehouse that they proudly handed down to their son(s). While Chris's father didn't work in 120, they proudly welcomed the son of a great Chief on this job. And Chris didn't disappoint. Taking the position of Company Commander, Chris is a great guy to work with. He is always ready to share his knowlege and experience. Which made saying good bye hard. But Chris was prepared to go out with a bang. Friday April 8th, Chris Eysser worked his final tour as a Captain of 120 Truck. In a 15 hour night tour, 120 had 8 runs, 1 of which was a job.

10:28pm: Phone Alarm- Residential, 414 Sutter, Sackman - Powell, Both companies 1st due, fire apt 1G 1st floor. Turn out! E-231, E-290, E-283, TL-120, L-103 & Bn-44 assigned. Upon arrival, Watkins Street companies were faced with fire venting from a window on the 1st floor of a 14 story brick projects 50x250. On the 10-75 transmission, E-332, Squad 252, Rescue 2, L-175 FAST, Bn-58 & Division 15 were assigned. Shortly after, The 44 upgraded to a 10-77(HiRise Residential Fire), bringing in E-233 with High Rise Nozzle, E-227 CFR-D, L-176, TL-170, Bn-38, Bn-37, Field Comm, Rescue Batt & Safety Batt. Engine 231 stretched from the Engine while Captain Chris Eysser led TL-120's inside team into the fire apartment to search for victims and confine the fire to the room of origin. The wet stuff hit the red stuff, building was vented and the brothers took their experience back to the firehouse kitchen to share the good memories each will hold of working with Chris Eysser. As of 0900hrs Saturday April 9th, 2016, Chris is official an FDNY Battalion Chief. 

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All Hands/10-77 at 75 CPW

Saturday April 9th, 2016, The Cavemen Engine 40/Tower Ladder 35 responded 1st due to a reported smoke on the 9th floor at 75 Central Park West, corner of West 67 Street. A room of fire was discovered by TL-35 in apt 9D of a 15 story fireproof high rise residential multiple dwelling, the 9th Battalion transmitted the 10-77. 35 confined the fire to the room of origin while Engine 40 hooked up and stretched off of the stand pipe. The fire was knocked down by Engine 40 and contained to the 1 room in the apartment. No injuries were reported and fire is under investigation.

Initial Alarm:

E-40, E-23, E-74, E-39, TL-35, L-25, Bn-9

On the 10-77:

E-39, E-54(High Rise Nozzle), Squad 18, E-44 (CFR), L-16(FAST), L-4, L-2, Bn-11, Bn-10, Bn-8, Rescue 1, Div.3, RAC1, FIeld Com, Rescue Batt, Safety Batt, E-22 with High Rise 2

EMS 08E3, 11A1, 5N, 09V1, C11, C16, HT11, C071, 11Y3,  MR21, MV11, LS41

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April 7 2016 promotions

April 7 2016 promotions

Thursday April 7th, 2016, the #FDNY promoted the following members at the Rock:

Captain Brendan Finn, Div 3

Captain James M Montaruli, E-6

Captain Dennis P Valsamedis, E-7

Captain Jeffrey Facinelli, E-23

Captain Thomas Burke, E-34

Captain Edward J Esposito, E-42

Captain Keneth B Winkler, E-89

Captain Timothy G Bennett, E-164

Captain Michael P Lampasso, E-237

Captain Denis J Donovan, E-324

Captain Brian O'Donnell, E-330

Captain Stephen Marsar, L-2

Captain Andrew J Morawek, TL-86

Captain Vincent Priolo, L-101

Captain Christopher G Eysser, TL-120

Captain Thomas Solimeo, L-122

Captain Thomas H Frizalone, TL-157

Captain Stephen T Spall, Squad 61

The promotion is effective 0900hrs Saturday April 9th, 2016

NYC Fire Wire would like to congratulate all promoted.

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