“I have no ambition in this world but one, and that is to be a firefighter The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know the work which the firefighter has to do believe that his is a noble calling."

-Chief Edward F. Croker FDNY circa 1910

Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava 4 Alarm Fire

Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava 4 Alarm Fire

Sunday May 1st, 2016, the FDNY responded to a 911 call reporting a Church fire at 15 W 25 Street between Broadway & 6th Aves. The fire location was the Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava.

Constructed between 1850-1855, this Cathedral was 1st home of Trinity Chapel Complex but was sold to Serbian Eastern Orthodox parish in 1942, opening as the Cathedral of Saint Sava in 1944. In 1968, the church was listed as a New York City Landmark and  in 1982 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

18:49 Box 0632 was transmitted for a Church fire on West 25 Street between 6th & B'Way.

18:49 E-1, E-3, E-26, L-24, TL-7, Bn-7 assigned.

18:53 E-16, TL-21 (FAST), Rescue 1, Squad 18, Bn-6, Div.1 assigned due to numerous calls

18:53 E-1/L-24 arrived. Engine 1 officer transmitted the 10-75 (Working Fire)

18:57 2nd Alarm by Bn-7. E-14, E-34, E-65, L-3, L-4, Bn-9, Bn-2, Bn-8, E-9 with Sattelite 1, Field Com, Tac 1, Field Com Batt, Rescue Batt, Safety Batt,

E-35(Communications Unit), TL-9

19:04 All members ordered to exit the fire building, going to exterior attack.

19:04 Div.1 transmits the 3rd alarm. E-5, E-54, E-24, E-21, L-5, Bn-1, Mask Service

19:12 L-20 assigned as FAST, TL-21 being used for master stream ops. Bn-10, Bn-11, Rac 1 special called.

19:20 TL-1, TL-115 & TL-18 special called.

19:46 4th Alarm transmitted by Car 4. E-33, E-23, E-8, E-55, TL, 12, Bn-4 assigned

21:11 Fire placed Probably will hold by orders of the Chief of Department.

21:42 Fire placed Under Control by orders of the Chief of Department.

Numerous units assigned for relief purposes and to maintain a watch line through out the night and following day.

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Retired firefighter loses 9/11 cancer battle.

Retired firefighter loses 9/11 cancer battle.

Pictured: Billy Lynch E-289 now Lt in TL-17, Bobby McCarthy E-289, Kenneth Gunther TL-138 retired.

In the later part of 1996, FF Robert J McCarthy retiired from the Corona Tigers Engine 289, ending a 27 year career with the City of New York. 4 short years later, when terrorists attacked the country, McCarthy was ready to respond. He dusted off his gear and responded to the World Trade Center and worked tirelessly in the days that followed, working in vein to find survivors or remains so that a family can have closure. Once a firefighter, always a firefighter, and McCarthy's desire to help proved that on 9/11.

When the work was done, McCarthy returned to retirement with his family, until he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer directly related to his work on 9/11. On Friday April 29th, 2016, Robert McCarthy lost the battle against cancer.

Because he was retired on 9/11, his death will not be considered Line of Duty. We are asking all FDNY brothers and sisters to turn out to bring our brother home. McCarthy was there for us on that day, he wasn't paid to be there, his duty to the City was done. He was there for us, it's time for us to be there for him; to thank him and his family for the sacrifice they made. Please post/share this funeral information; get the word out there.

Funeral Arrangements are as follows:

Wake: William E Law Funeral Home. 1 Jerusalem Ave Massapequa, NY

Monday 7p-9p. Tuesday 2p-4p & 7p-9pm.

Funeral: Maria Regina Church 3945 Jerusalem Ave Seaford, NY at 10am.


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Sweet spot #2. Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffé

The 2nd edition of NYC Fire Wire's Sweet Spot series goes to the East Village in Manhattan. Veniero's Pasticceria & Cafe's products speak for itself. It's home is in Manhattan's East Village at 342 East 11 Street just off 1st Avenue and it has been there since it opened in 1894. That's over 100 years of producing mouth watering bites.

I made it my tradition to stop here during holiday's to bring home to the family, or even a stop to bring desert when taking details to other firehouses. There is so much to choose from and it's all delishious. Usually when going to other firehouses, I would pick up their macaroons, regular and dipped in chocolate. So fresh and chewy, you can't just have 1 so make sure you get enough! My first cake from here was their Italian Cheesecake. This isn't like traditional cheesecake because it is made from Ricotta cheese. It's lighter than regular cheesecake but boy, oh so good. Another is their carrot cake. Still by-far the best I have ever had.

Want to give it a try for the holiday's? Well, we can assure you one thing, you will not be disappointed. Review the menu before you get there, there will be a line and it usually moves well when people know what they came for. You can call ahead to save time. Otherwise, take a number and stand in line. You can special order cakes for events or just stop in for coffee/tea. Featuring Veniero's as our Sweet Spot is a no brainer; we wish everyone could experience this- the history, family, tradition, and ofcourse, the food. Whether your going to impress someone or just your belly, Veniero's is the place for it.

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Dalmatian helps 4 Truck respond

The Dalmatian has been associated with the Fire Service since the days of the horse drawn fire engines. In this adorable video by instagram user: Puppycow_Dalmatian , the dalmatian help's #FDNY 4 Truck respond in Hells Kitchen.

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Brooklyn 6th Alarm

Brooklyn 6th Alarm

Sunday April 24th 2016, FDNY Companies in East New York were turned out for a reported house fire at 270 Arlington Ave between Elton & Linwood Streets.

Initial assignment included E-332/L-175, E-233/L-176, E-231 and the 44 Battalion. 3 minutes later, E-332/L-175 arrived and transmitted the 10-75. 

18:26 10-75 transmitted: Assignment  included E-290, Squad 252, L-156(FAST) acting TL-120, Bn-39, Rescue 2 and Division 15.

18:27 Signal 2-2 (2nd Alarm Transmitted) E-225/TL-107, E-293, E-271 acting 233, E-236, TL-120, Bn-37, Bn-38, Bn-28, E-210 w/Satellite 6, Field Com, Tac2, Rescue Batt, Safety Batt,  E-279(Communications Unit)

18:36 Signal 3-3 (3rd Alarm Trasmitted) E-222, E-234/L-123, E-214, E-310, L-103, Bn-58, Mask Service Unit. Special Called above the 3-3 TL-124, TL-111, TL-135, L-125.

19:11 Signal 4-4 (4th Alarm Transmitted) E-227, E-283, E-257, E-291, TL-142, L-174, Bn-57

19:53 Signal 5-5 (5th Alarm Transmitted) E-286, E-227, E-218, E-217, L-112, L-161, Bn-41.

20:42 10-88 code 2 transmitted (Probably Will Hold.) 20:44 L-140 assigned to replace FAST.

TL-146, TL-157, TL-9 acting 119

21:36 6th Alarm transmitted- E-236, E-285, E-221 acting 277, E-235, L-143, L-113, Bn-48, Bn-35

23:53 10-88 code 4 (Under Control) transmitted.

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